Odom and Hooper Win Trial and Appeal Involving Disputed Right-of-Way

16 Dec 2022
COS attorneys, Gregory B. Odom, II, and W. Alex Hooper, prevailed after a four-day trial in which they secured a Judgment for a local business that confirmed its ownership of a disputed right-of-way. Since the 1970s, our client used and depended upon passage across a neighboring tract of land for the operation of its business. Our client eventually received a written act granting it a right-of-way across the tract of land, but the right-of-way's location was mismarked on an attached survey. Based upon this incorrect survey filed with the Clerk of Court, a neighboring business blocked our client's access to the right-of-way. Navigating complicated Louisiana real estate laws and jurisprudence, Odom and Hooper secured victories for our client at both the trial and appellate levels.